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Electric bike [E-Bike] and electric scooter prove to be the best vehicles for personal,
economic and environmental benefits, not only in Hawaii, but also in all other states.

Riding an E-Bike/E-Scooter is like riding a general bike but without much sweat.  In fact,
riding a pedal bike daily to work is not always pleasant in a very warm climate such as in
Hawaii. With an E-Bike, one has no longer worried about a long way or an uphill, while still
enjoys a nice sports activity and always be able to find a parking place. The E-bike/scooter
offers much more comforts than pedaling a traditional bicycle.

The economic benefits of E-Bikes/Scooters are obvious, in comparing with buying hybrid cars
or even noisy gas mopeds.  E-Bikes are considerably low cost. Except its low price, one can
easily save 75% of his/her gas spending after having an E-Bike. Just remember, E-Bike /
E-Scooter only need minimal maintenance. Thus, riding an E-Bike or E-Scooter can
turn your
daily commute to a Money-Saving experience.

For families with SUV, truck and other gas suckers, their saving will be much greater.

Particularly, if one only need short commute within 10-30 miles per day, just the saving on
parking would be well over $1000 per year. One of another big spending on your car is
maintenance. Now, your E-Bike or an E-Scooter can help cut that as well. So anyone
investing in his/her E-Bike & E-Scooter will find tremendous savings.

The environmental benefit is most important because E-Bikes/Scooters have no emissions at
all, regardless of reduced resource consumption (less material, fuel, and infrastructure).
Reducing CO2 emissions is most urgent because of global warming. The average car emits
one pound of CO2 for every mile driven. If one rides an E-Bike or E-Scooter daily, your 75%
saving in gas spending literally is your contribution to the reduction of green house gas
emission (that equals to 3750 pounds of CO2 per year). Think about, my fellows, you are not
only saving $$$ for yourself, but also saving the world - no joking - on a daily basis.

Electric bikes/Scooters are easy to use; push and go. They save time in two ways: 1) For
errands up to 30-50 miles and on some congested commutes, E-Bikes/Scooters are quicker
than the car; 2) Their low cost means you work fewer hours supporting them.

The E-Bikes/Scooters are equipped with all safety devices for riding during daytime and
night. With an E-Bike/Scooter, riding around cars is safe.

Your health and fitness will improve. Believe or not, Biking/Cruising is sports, good for your
fitness and health. If having foot problems, the benefit will be more obvious. Because of the
motor in the bike/scooter, you will actually be riding that bike/scooter more often. In fact, you
will find more fun and enjoyment of your life daily! Traffic snarls aren't frustrating and stressful
to you, and you are no longer "beating the system".  

In summary, electric bikes/scooters, for errands and short commutes, offer an alternative to
the high costs of driving. Obviously, maintenance & energy costs are minimal. So every mile
you ride an e-bike/scooter, instead of driving, saves you money. Meanwhile, you are
contributing to protect our environment.
• Aloha E-Bikes is the first and largest local E-Bike/scooter carrier in Honolulu, Hawaii since
2007.  Our mission is to provide the best prices and decent quality products to our community
and to promote environment-friendly transportation and healthy

If you are Smart and Teachable, we can help you to avoid brutal spending of your hard-
earned savings.
Believe it or not, there are too many greedy bugs and over-priced e-bikes in
the market.

We have experienced Staff to answer all your questions and to provide quality Service. Our
mechanics and technicians with over 10 years of total experience for all of your technical
questions and problems!

• All
AEB Bikes and Scooters are built to comply with Federal Moped Safety Standards
(FMSS). When shopping, you must remember, Not all other E-Bikes and Mopeds are built like
ours! Others may not be qualified to register in our State!

• We specialize in Electric Motor Bikes and Scooters.
Sorry, we do not carry Gasoline Mopeds
because of our strong belief for an environment-friendly business !!!

• Spare Parts are in store and also available by shipping.
• We also carry other electric and medical scooters in special orders.

Most importantly, we continue working hard and insuring that you will have many long years of
enjoyable and trouble-free riding with every e-bike you invest.

Warranty and Service:
We offer a 15-day total warranty for all E-Bikes/Scooters after purchase and
Six-to-twelve months Parts and Labor warranty (including motor, battery, and controller).
Repair service is available after warranty ends (see details on Products & Contact Us page).

All Aloha E-Bikes / Scooters are built to our specifications, and we hardly experience a product
not functioning properly out of the box. However, if (in the rare event) a product does not
function properly, we will make every effort to get you going, or replace the product at no

We encourage customers buying from our local stores after a full test drive on Oahu.  

Customers from all other islands in Hawaii, please contact main office in Oahu to arrange
shipping; freight is around $50-$80 per bike based on the size.  Usually a flat rate fee ($25) will
be applied to all inter-island shipping.

Customers from US mainland, please write Email to,
Your order will be processed at our
California Distribution Center in Los Angeles.
Why Buy from Aloha E-Bikes?
Ride an E-Bike, Save the Earth !
and Save Money & Live Better
Why ride E-Bikes/Scooters?

1) Minimal cost on Maintenance;

2) $5 electricity per month;

3) No oil, No gas, No noise, No
exaust - the Green Machine;

4) Very clean - Quiet - Smooth

5) Best way to school, shopping
or office within 30-50 miles;

6) Save big $$$ riding daily;

7) Good for the environment

8) A nice sports activity, and
good for your health.
Honolulu Location
University Square
2615 S. King St, #104B
Honolulu, HI 96826
Who will be most benefited
when riding an E-Bike?

1) In town commuters

2) College and high school

3) Frequent shoppers in

4) Anyone with foot problems
and difficult to walk

5) Beach goers and recreation

5) Anyone who want to reduce
green house gas emission

6) Anyone who wants to save
cut gasoline spending
and forget parking fees

7) and so on - you name it
How to get here:
Univ Square is the SE Corner of S.
King and Univ Ave; look at
Pacific Bank
for the Parking Lot

Near UH Manoa, FedEx, Longs
Drug, DowntoEarth
and Kokua
Market / 7 ELEVENS;

Bus #1 and #4, stop at Univ
on S. King St & on Univ Ave

Bus #A and #6, stop at Univ Square,
Magoon/Pucks Ally
on Univ Ave
Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Time to charge it?  - About 1-2-3-4-5-6 hours

2) How fast can it go?  - from 20 to 35 mph

3) How far can it go?  - about 20-50 miles or 2-3 days riding from one charge.

4) What is the cost for electricity?    - about 5 dollars per month, believe or not.

5) No noise?  - very quiet, it does not bother your neighbors- the t
rue Green Vehicle!

6)  Parts and warranty ?
- We have stocks of easy tear/wear parts; all e-bikes come with 6-months (or longer) of warranty.

7) Why it saves money?
- It does this in two ways: a) it does not need much maintenance and uses very little electricity (<$5/month riding daily). b) it saves
you 75% money on gas b/c you will not drive your car or truck as frequent as before.

- Please do the calculation yourself and figure out how much money you can save for you or your family in a year.
- Believe or not, this is an investment, not another spending
Monday - Saturday
Open: 9am to 7pm
Sunday: Summer 1-5pm
(pick up and drop off)
ALoha E-Bikes

Living Green and Save
Electric Bike/Scooter - the Best Transportation,
More ebikes = Less noise, Less emission and a Cleaner City

Socially Responsible

New Lifestyles
Rental or Lease of
Aloha E-Bikes / E-Mopeds  
in Waikiki and Honolulu
please contact us ahead of time
to schedule

other locations on Oahu, please
look at
Order and InterIsland Shipping
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